About Cyndi Resti

Hello my dear readers
I have wanted to be a writer since I was a teen and even dreamed of pursuing this as  a career. However, the realities of life made me choose a different path.  Along the way, I would start writing  but would always make the mistake of reading my work before finishing.  Unfortunately, I am my own worst critic and most work that I have done have ended up in the trash bin.  Afterwards, I would feel guilty of the amount of paper I have wasted 😦

Discovering WORDPRESS has been wonderful  because I have found a venue for my works in progress  without wasting a single sheet of paper!  I hope you have enjoyed what I have posted so far on this blogsite.

In the same token, I have enjoyed corresponding with my readers and have met a number of wonderful people who share similar interests with yours truly. For those who have facebook accounts, please feel free to send  a friend request through my account:   https://www.facebook.com/#!/cyndi.resti.3

Alternatively, you can send an email message to cyndi_resti@hotmail.com

Thank you for visiting my blogsite.






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