Long-held Torch – Part 18

Author’s Note: Just when you thought that this series has ended, another chapter gets posted. Seriously,  this chapter was just supposed to be an epilogue but my Richard had other ideas. Before I realised it,  I was again typing up not just one but TWO erotic encounters!  He’s insatiable!

Again, thank you to Ms. Alpha Grace, Ms. Liza and Ms. Dianne for critiquing and proofreading this chapter!  Huwag po sana kayong magsawa 🙂




The newlyweds honeymooned in an exclusive  island  resort in Palawan.  It was  a picturesque  tropical paradise  with pristine white sands and  a clear blue lagoon  that was protected by  a natural coral reef.  The island  had  large  two and three bedroom  family  accommodations, as well as private tropical cottages for couples. Theirs was located at the far end  of the resort, beside a small cascading waterfall that  gathers into a small rock pool attracting  a variety of   birds with bright plumage.  The complex offers guided hiking trips  wherein  visitors can appreciate the indigenous flora and fauna.  Guests  can also enjoy a variety of water sports including  scuba-diving and snorkelling  along the reef  to marvel at the underwater beauty that Palawaneros have been fighting to preserve.


On their first day, they took advantage of the  onsite spa service wherein massage tables  were set up  right on their  private veranda, which was facing  the small waterfall.  White  muslin  curtains were drawn across  both sides  to protect their privacy from prying eyes.  Richard and Maya had been treated to a traditional hilot using virgin coconut oil and chamomile extracts.  Falling asleep during the therapeutic massage, Maya was woken up by Richard’s feather-light  kisses on her derrière trailing towards the base of her spine.  When she protested, her husband throatily reassured her that the two mature lady masseuses have left and that they were completely alone.


Maya tried to evade his advances but Richard had her trapped underneath him while he explored her naked back. After being soothed by kneading hands to sleep, Richard’s touch was searingly hot in contrast.  She could only gasp as his lips trekked up her spine, moaning as his hands cupped her breasts from behind.  Maya closed her eyes while Richard nibbled at the back of her neck while his fingers teased her nipples turgid.


“You have other muscles requiring a  massage,” he informed her in his deep throaty voice while his right fingers slid down her back to caress her between her legs.


She gasped when  he unerringly found her hidden nubbin. Panting, Maya’s fingers dug into the cotton-lined mattress as sensory  waves of delight  crested and ebbed within her.  When his finger invaded her entrance, Maya released a guttural moan as she reached her orgasm, convulsing around his finger which continued to thrust to and fro.


“Spread your legs, sweetheart,” Richard huskily instructed after awhile.


In an erotic haze, Maya complied with his command. She could feel his erection sliding between her bottom globes before poising himself at her moist entrance.  Richard groaned behind her as her soft flesh snugly clung to his hard phallus, slowly  penetrating her from behind.


Biting her lower lip in an effort to stop herself from moaning loudly, Maya  lifted her head to turn and see her husband concentrating on his task as he started to rhythmically thrust in and out of her.  Feeling her eyes on him,  Richard gazed  hotly  at her while he undulated his hips making Maya squeeze her eyes  shut with the incredible pleasurable  feeling.


“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…!” was her helpless response to the new heightened sensations that she was being introduced to by her husband.  She could only moan as she could feel herself  climbing to reach another peak.  Chest heaving, Maya surrendered to her husband’s hedonistic  ministrations  and  felt something shatter within her quivering core.


After a moment, she could feel Richard halting his movements and detaching himself from her. Bemused, Maya lifted her head  and  saw that her husband was now standing by her side. He felt his arms around her, nudging her.   Maya thought that Richard wanted her off the massage table but he stopped her from stepping down. Instead,  he sat her down at the edge and positioned himself between her legs which he  hitched up and bent over his forearms on  either side. With her body wide open and well-angled, his male shaft re-invaded her very  slick core.


Maya’s arms automatically went round him as his  head lowered to capture her lips in another thought-obliterating  kiss.  When his lips lowered to nibble at her neck, Maya could only hold on to his well-muscled broad shoulders while his hard rod moved in and out of her like a piston.  Within the mist of  desire, part of  her brain registered that she can now take his entire length and  that she was greedily welcoming his every plunge.   Feeling  her husband’s hands grab her bottom while his pace  went faster and faster, Maya could feel herself reaching another orgasm.  Richard grunted as he undulated deeply into her as they climaxed together.  With her energy spent, Maya went limp against her husband’s heaving chest as she tried to catch her breath.  Releasing her legs, Richard’s arms went round her in a tight embrace.






“Are you okay?”  Richard put a small space between them so he could look at her flushed face. “I’m sorry. ”


Maya blinked and tried to focus on Richard who had a worried frown across his sweaty brow.  Both of them were covered in fine dewy sheen due partly to the  hot  and humid environment.


“Sorry? Para saan?” she asked breathlessly, still trying to recover from the  ‘erotic massage’.


“I think I was a bit rough just now. I lost control,” he admitted sheepishly while his thumb  traced her kiss-bruised lips as he gently framed her face.


“Oh, don’t worry. I actually enjoy it when you lose control,” Maya admitted shyly, cheeks getting redder as she bit her lower lip.


Richard adoringly smiled down at her before rewarding her honesty with another torrid melding of lips.  After breaking the kiss, her husband scooped her up and Maya’s arms automatically went around his neck.  He carried her into the inner sanctum of their  cottage  where they remained for most of the day.


Their idyllic island sojourn would have been perfect until Richard took exception to an Italian  guest who was initially  trying to chat up his wife up in the resort’s souvenir shop.  Maya politely excused herself,  hinting  that her husband was waiting for her.  She thought that was the end of that pick-up attempt.  When the same guy turned up the next day beside her on the breakfast buffet and started following her  to their  table, Maya did not know what to do. That was when Richard saw her predicament and took over the situation. He took her plate off her and just wordlessly ushered her out of the dining hall. They ended up on the beach where Richard just shrugged off his polo shirt and dove into the sea to do several laps to cool his temper.


Maya merely watched him, admiring his free-style technique. Feeling his temper waning down,  he  made his way back to shallow water.  As his feet hit the sandy bottom, Richard hauled himself up to slowly walk towards Maya.  With cheeks flushing, Maya’s mouth went dry as she  watched the rivulets of water running down his rippling muscles.  While throwing her a lopsided smile, Richard  guessed what was running through her head.  He swooped down to capture her lips in another searingly hot kiss. Bemusedly, Maya can only respond while Richard pulled her up against his length to seduce her once more with kisses and caresses.


Inevitably, they ended up going back to their private cottage making love with abandon.  Maya could not believe Richard’s stamina.  They made love so many times a day that they rarely ventured  out of their room.  They hardly did anything else during their entire stay.


When they came back to Manila, Richard was once again tied up with his challenging role as CEO of  Lim Infrastructure, Inc.  Maya, on the other hand,  has been familiarising herself with Richard’s Ayala Alabang home and the immediate affluent community.  She would venture further to scour the nearby malls and  public market  to see what’s available.  To her delight, she found the nearby supermarket selling a good range of spices and ingredients. Hence, she  has been preparing different mouth-watering dishes for her husband who had started complaining of weight gain.


From midweek to Sundays or when Maya’s erratic schedule permits, they would usually stay in San Nicholas where  Richard had set up another office so he could work from home.  Then, they would unwind by walking on the beach  or  just lazing on the  loungers to catch up on reading. Frequently, they would just walk up to the dela Rosa home and invite themselves for lunch or dinner.  Sometimes, Richard and Maya would join Tata Igme’s  children when they go for deep sea fishing.  During harvest time,  they would also help out   in the fruit orchard where they indulged on  fruits in season.


Six months after  the  church wedding,  Richard  transferred  his corporate  headquarters  to  the  newly erected building  in the Ayala Alabang business district.  He told Maya that he did not have to waste time driving to work and can spend more leisurely breakfasts with his wife.   Same was the case in the afternoon, he did not have to contend with the afternoon rush hour. He would just drive out of the business district, turn into the gated residential area and be home in less than ten minutes.


However, he confessed to Maya that he had an ulterior motive. He said that what he really liked about the new building was that it had good road frontage where thousands of cars pass each day.  He deliberately  kept  the ground floor space vacant even though many  have been enquiring and asking for its lease conditions.  He had shown it to Maya and told her that it was the perfect location for her new travel agency.


With much encouragement from her husband, Maya finally took the risk  and  decided to  set up on her own, with Richard’s  help of course. So,  Maya  filed her resignation from Time Airways and was leaving the HR office after her exit interview when she was waylaid by James Ventura on the wide corridor of the ground floor level of  TA building.




Maya turned on her wedged heel to see James, garbed in a business suit and tie,  quickly making his way towards her.


“Good thing, I caught you.” James exclaimed  as he reached out to hold her arm. “I was told you were resigning?”


“Yes, James. I am setting up a little business and I need time to concentrate on that.” Maya confirmed.


“I see.” James had disappointment on his face but there was acceptance there, too.


“Thank you for everything, James. Time Airways has been very good to me through the years.”  Maya held up her hand but James smilingly shook his head and enveloped her in a tight hug instead.


“Richard is a very lucky guy to have you,” James muttered as he released Maya to look down at her.


“James, you are a very nice guy, really.  There is someone out there for you. You just have to look for her.” Maya smiled up at him in earnest.


“That is easier said than done. But I have a better idea.”


Maya’s brows lifted in wordless query.


“I will just have you cloned,” James quipped with a chuckle.


Maya laughed at his far-fetched solution.


“Sige na, Maya. Mukhang naiinip na yung sundo mo,”  James said while he nodded his head in the direction of the front automatic glass doors. Beyond was a navy blue BMW  parked at the bottom of the concrete steps.


With a grin, Maya nodded and said her final farewell.  Then she pivoted to the direction of the waiting navy blue BMW.  Maya’s passenger door was opened by the doorman and she quickly climbed into the passenger seat.


“How was it?” Richard posed the question while he maneuvered the car to rejoin the  post-morning rush hour.  Even though  Richard had a very bland expression,  Maya knew that her husband  had seen what transpired inside.


“It was okay. I have nothing but favourable comments for my immediate managers and TA as a whole.  I know my last assessment was great. So, I think they will re-hire me if ever I do apply for a job again.”  She slightly turned  in her seat to look at Richard’s expression closely. “And you? Are you okay?”


She heard Richard expel his breath harshly.  “If you must know, then no.  I am not okay.”


Maya  saw the hot angry  blaze in Richard’s eyes before he looked away. His knuckle bones were showing as he gripped the steering wheel.


“What are you thinking?” Maya asked curiously.


“I am thinking of murdering  Ventura.”  Richard retorted  with a mirthless laugh. “Hence, I have been counting each second and driving away until my temper subsides.”


“Is it working?” Maya asked  with her head angled towards her husband.


Having attended anger management sessions with a counsellor, Richard has learnt some strategies on how to control his temper and recognise his triggers.


Richard wrinkled his nose.  “I prefer using humour.”


“Humour?” Maya blinked, unsure what Richard meant.


“Hmmmmnn. I am imagining him as an old condemned building that I have to knock down with a wrecking ball.  He was screaming like a girl  while I  crushed him bit by bit.  That was more satisfying,” he replied with feeling.


“Grabe ka!” Maya couldn’t help but laugh at his wicked expression. Then when her laughter subsided, she asked, ““Nagdududa ka ba sakin?”.


“Hell, no!” Richard immediately denied. “I just want Ventura living on the other side of the planet. That’s all.”


Maya giggled anew.


“Pinagtatawanan mo na naman ako” Richard complained, slightly shaking his head.


“Ang cute mo kasing magselos. Lalong naniningkit yung mga mata mo.” Maya’s eyes sparkled.


“I know.”  Richard winked at her.


“Conceited!”  Maya rebuked  him, her nose wrinkling at him.


“I am not conceited,” Richard corrected. “The right term is confident. I am simply confident of my attributes.”


Maya burst out laughing again. She was loving married life with Richard.  He had  little bouts of jealousy but he now has a better handle on them.


Life was wonderful.


There was only one snag.




Maya wants a child or two.  But Richard has been so scared to get her pregnant again that he has been vigilantly monitoring her ‘unsafe’ period since they got back together.  She had tried to discuss this with Richard but he was adamant that he will not risk her life again.  The last time she broached the subject with him, he just clammed up and ignored her for several hours.


Knowing that  Richard has been utilising the most unreliable contraceptive method, Maya just let things be. She was convinced she will get  pregnant sooner or later. It was really just a matter time.


When she did finally become pregnant, Maya was unsure how to break the news to Richard.  All day she tried discussing the subject with her husband but Richard always changed the topic.  In the end, she took out the pregnancy test  cartridge and wordlessly presented it to Richard when they were getting ready for bed.


“Since when have you known?” Richard asked quietly while gripping the cartridge between his fingers.


“Mga ilang araw na ‘kong nahihilo pero kanina lang ako nag-pregnancy test.” Maya answered truthfully as she eyed the nerve ticking at his temple.


“I-I  need a drink,”  Richard declared through gritted teeth as he hauled himself out of bed and out of the bedroom.


Maya tried to stay in bed so that Richard can have the time and space to get his head around the fact that they have created another baby. Half an hour passed  and Maya could not settle down.  With a huff, Maya got up and looked for her husband.


When she found him, Richard was at the bar off the main lounge. He was sitting on one of the chrome bar stools  in his pyjamas and plain white V-neck t-shirt.  His hair was slightly tousled, evidence that he had been agitatedly raking his fingers through them. In between his hands was a rock glass with a neat double-shot of Ardberg Galileo Scotch whisky. Maya has no idea how many drinks he has had but Maya wants Richard  sober if they were to talk sensibly about the baby.


Clad in a cotton night shirt that reached mid-thigh, Maya hugged him from behind and rested her head against his back. She just stayed in that position for a few minutes until Richard turned around and hugged her back so very tightly.


“Galit ka ba?”  Maya asked against his skin with her head tucked into his neck.


Maya felt Richard shake his head in negative, wordless response.


“Hindi ka ba natutuwa na magkaka-baby na tayo?” Maya asked as she eased slightly from his hold.


“You know very well that I have been trying to avoid this from happening.” Richard muttered unhappily.   “You almost died the last time. I don’t  think I can go through that ordeal again.”


Maya held his face between her palms so that they can look each other eye to eye.


“But we can minimise the risks. Dr. de Guzman said that miscarriage can be prevented  by  a  simple surgical procedure.”


“When did he say this?” Richard frowned down at her, his chinito eyes mere slits.


“Well, I have been in constant communication with him. I have been researching my condition and—”


“You have been talking to him behind my back?” Richard’s voice was slightly raised.


“Hindi, Mr. Lim,” Maya was tapping his right cheek lightly while she shook her head in denial of his accusation. “Ilang beses ko kayang sinubukan na  sabihin sayo pero dine-dedma mo ako! Nung huling beses nga, hindi mo ako kinausap ng ilang oras!”


Richard’s face became fierce with that reminder but Maya merely glared up at him, unwilling to give an inch. Then, Richard sighed and kissed her nose.


“You’re right, sweetheart.  I was being bull-headed about this.” His arms went round her again.


“Dr. de Guzman said that my cervix needed to be sutured as soon as pregnancy is confirmed. This will prevent it from opening before my due date. Then in the very early stages of labour, the sutures will be removed so I can give birth to our baby.”


Richard merely looked down at her with a lot of misgivings, fear evident in his eyes.


“Richard, we were blindsided when I first became pregnant.  This time it’s different, ” Maya said  coaxingly.  “We now know my condition and we know Dr. de Guzman can help us.”


“I don’t know, Maya…”


Maya pulled a deep sigh.


“Well, the other alternative is to abort the baby. Is that what you want Richard?” Maya  frowned up at him. She knew Richard was avoiding pregnancy but surely he would not seriously consider a termination, would he?


“What? Hell, no!” Richard quickly answered, horrified at the idea.


Maya’s face cleared with relief that termination did not even cross her husband’s mind.  She beamed at her husband and cradled his head between her hands.   Tiptoeing, she gave him a loud smack on the lips,  triumphant that  she was getting what she wants.


Nevertheless, the following months after the surgical procedure were not easy for Maya since her pregnancy proved to be a difficult one.  Firstly, her morning sickness did not lessen until the fifth month.  And she found certain smells that she liked previously would currently cause  nausea. Even Richard had to stop using his after shave cologne for it gives Maya a headache.


However, giving up the cologne was nothing compared to Richard moving out of their bedroom.  Dr. de Guzman had cautioned them to ease up on their  bedroom activities for Maya’s genetic condition makes every pregnancy a delicate one. He felt the need to give up his ‘husbandly rights’ to avoid endangering Maya and the baby.  Maya was initially upset at this ‘separation’ but she knew it was the wisest thing to do.


In all other aspects, Richard was very much present and supportive with her pregnancy.  He always cleared his calendar so he can accompany Maya for her prenatal check-ups  and ultrasound scans. Richard already had a collection of  black and white  print outs of their unborn baby gracing his home  office wall.  They have made countless  trips to the baby section of different department stores to purchase   furniture and  bed linens for the nursery.   Richard also made sure Maya’s cravings for different  dishes  be catered by Sabel and Manang Fe.  When she started hankering for fruits, Richard had different varieties airfreighted directly from far-flung provinces so that Maya can also eat the ones which  are out of season.


On her 39th week, Maya  had been feeling a dull ache  on her lower back. She was putting  back a file  into the filing drawer when she almost doubled-over  in pain from her lower abdomen.   At first she thought it was just another false contraction until she realised that she was feeling the sharp pain more frequently.  When she noted the time, she realised that she has been having contractions  every 20  minutes.


Even before Maya had a chance to call Richard,  her assistant  Minerva  took  it upon herself to notify Richard who was in the middle of  a  progress update meeting.   He had hastily excused himself,   muttering a family emergency before zooming down the elevator  to  where his wife was sitting down on a cushioned swivel chair and gripping the armrest as she gritted her teeth while another wave of contraction racked her swollen form.


“Sweetheart?”  Richard was peering down at her.


Maya wrinkled her nose  at Richard when the pain subsided. She smiled ruefully at Minerva who was openly watching her.   “Sabi ko na nga ba kaya mo pinagpilitang magtrabaho si Minerva sakin para bantayan ako. Huwag ka nang

mag-deny, Mr. Lim!”


Minerva has been working  for  the corporation for almost a year when she was assigned to assist Maya to set up  her travel agency.  At first, Maya argued that her business has just started and that she can not afford high overhead expenses. But her husband was adamant  that  she needed an office administrator to set up filing systems properly. So, she relented knowing she will not win when her husband was being bull-headed about  something.  Maya actually appreciated Minerva’s help and company.


“Guilty as charged, Mrs. Lim,” Richard readily admitted as he kissed her temple. “How are you feeling now?”


“Masakit pa rin ang likod ko. I think I am having labour pains.”


“Right,” Richard nodded. “I’m taking you to the hospital.”


Richard did not wait for any verbal or nonverbal agreement from her.  The next second, Richard was scooping her out of the chair and carrying her out of the door while firing a series of instructions to Minerva including informing Dr. de Guzman of their pending arrival at the hospital.


One of the security staff at the ground floor level scrambled to press the lift button for the boss.  Maya smiled at the security guard named  Bugoy  who was constantly assisting her and Minerva, especially when shifting heavy furniture.  This  particular  security guard  was always  on duty during her business hours and does not seem to be on rotating shifts unlike the others.  Maya won’t be surprised to learn if he was specifically assigned to look after her as well.  Currently, he was accompanying them all the way to Richard’s BMW.


Due to the hospital’s proximity to Ayala Alabang, Maya was wheeled into the operating room very quickly.  Dr. de Guzman and his daughter,  another practicing obstetrician took out the sutures from Maya’s  cervix.  Then, they waited for her subsequent contractions and dilation. They waited and waited and waited.


Ironically, Maya’s contraction stopped.  When  the younger Dr. de Guzman checked her an hour later, she even joked that the baby changed his mind and decided to stay put.  Confused, Richard was frowning behind the mask he was wearing.


“Richard, I suggest you get out of that blue gown coz we will be taking Maya back to her private room,”  the  younger Dr. de Guzman addressed Richard.


“What’s happening?” Richard asked.


“Your wife’s contraction stopped, Richard. She won’t be giving birth just yet. Unless, you want her to be induced?” the older specialist responded.


“Is that advisable?”  Richard asked again.


The older specialist considered them both before answering. “Well, it is not yet necessary at this stage.  There is no sign for any foetal distress. Maya’s not yet overdue.  We can wait until she starts contractions again and then we will look at our options.”


With the baby safe and no sign of pushing out just yet, Maya insisted on going home.  Her specialist tandem advised that she stay overnight at the hospital just in case but Maya refused. She argued that she would be more comfortable going home and that she can easily return if  circumstances called for it.


Richard was very  quiet  when they got home.  They supped and got ready for bed and still,  he remained quiet.  Richard turned the bed covers for her and she slipped in. Richard gave her a peck on the temple and was turning away when Maya called him back.


“What is it?” Richard asked in concern.


“Can you not stay with me tonight?” Maya invited, missing her husband’s presence during bedtime.


“You know what will happen if I stay tonight, don’t you?” Richard’s deep voice went deeper.


Recognising his amorous regard, Maya’s cheeks went crimson in colour.


“I want you to hold me, Richard” Maya confessed her need.


Richard heard the plea in her voice and responded.  Without further prodding,  he slipped under the covers beside her and held her. Maya sighed with pleasure as she rested her head against his broad shoulder.


“I missed this,” Maya murmured against his chest that was starting to heave irregularly.


Richard groaned in response as he looked down at her. “I think I should go now.”




“You know why, sweetheart.  I can’t stay with you and not want to make love with you,”  Richard explained as if to a child.


“Then, why don’t  you?” she invited with a sultry voice.


“What?”  Richard looked down at her askance.


“Richard, the baby would have been considered full term if I had delivered a couple of weeks ago. Medyo naiinip na nga ako sa pagdating ng baby natin.” Maya’s voice lessened to a mere whisper. “Saka maraming reliable websites na nagsasabi na ‘lovemaking  naturally induces labour’.”


“Really?” Richard’s brow lifted.


“Yes, the mother is said to release oxytocin which causes the uterus to contract while the male partner releases prostaglandins which are substances similar to the medications used to soften the cervix when inducing labour,” Maya lectured in a no non-sense tone which belied the mischievous sparkle in her doe-shaped eyes.  She also remembered the argument against these claims but she chose not to mention them.


“Are you sure?”


“Positive,” Maya answered while seductively draping her arms around her husband who needed no further encouragement.  “Turn off the light, sweetheart.”


“No, I want to see you,”  Richard refused to turn off the lampshade that was illuminating them with an intimate low-key glow.  He started unbuttoning the front of her cotton night gown to release her breasts which had become fuller in the last few months. “Very soon, I will have to share these with our son, so I will just have to take my fill while they are still exclusively mine.”


With their eyes not breaking contact, Richard lowered his head to her breasts and captured one enlarged  nipple which he gently laved and suckled before ravenously taking it into his mouth.


“Ooooh…” Maya panted as she felt herself getting wet at the juncture between her thighs.  Dazedly, she could only tug at his white  shirt which was preventing her from caressing his skin.


When he had thoroughly paid attention to her twin globes, Richard took pity on her and removed his white cotton V-neck shirt. Maya eagerly let her fingers roam over his muscled chest, kissing and nibbling his warm skin as she explored.  When she started tugging at the waistband of his pyjamas, Richard captured her hands.


“Not this time, sweetheart. Or I will be spent before we reach the main event.” Richard laughed at her disappointed expression before bestowing  another searing hot kiss. His lips lowered to her shoulder while he peeled off her nightgown.   Maya protested when her stomach was getting exposed. “What’s the matter?”


“Huwag mo n’akong  tingnan,” was Maya’s embarrassed whisper.


“Maya, you invited this…”


“Oo nga pero…”


“Walang pero-pero,” Richard declared. “I want to see my wife.”


“Baka ma-turn off ka…” Maya frowned as her husband fully peeled off her nightgown, leaving her smooth rotund stomach bare.


Reverently, Richard’s hands gently explored her naked belly, kissing her by her largest girth at midline as he had done countless times before.


“Do you have any idea what it does to me seeing you like this, pregnant with my child?” he whispered as he looked up at her. “The feeling is indescribable.”


“Hindi ka turned-off?” Maya asked again. In all her years, she had always seen men admiring sexy or svelte  women. But here was her husband confessing to the contrary.


Richard straightened to smile sexily down at her. In response, he took her hands to feel his raging hard-on.


“Oh!” Maya’s eyes rounded in wonder.


“I think that adequately answers your question, Mrs. Lim.  I am definitely lusting over my pregnant wife.”


Maya giggled at his leering expression.


“Pinagtatawanan mo na naman ako, hmmmm? Lagot ka sakin!” he declared before kissing her senseless that left her gasping for breath when he finally released her full lips.  Richard reacquainted himself once more with her naked body, exploring and kissing her every inch until he reached the junction between her thighs. Maya gasped as he felt his  lips ‘tasting’ her once more, evoking waves of pleasure cresting within her within minutes.


“Ohhhh, Richaaaaaaaard!” Maya screamed, unable to stop herself as she  reached the peak of sexual ecstasy.


Pleased with himself, Richard slowly removed his pyjama bottoms while he surveyed his effect on his wife. Slowly, he slid behind Maya who was still experiencing the aftermath of her first climax. Sweeping aside her shoulder-length tresses to expose the  back arch of her neck, Richard started nuzzling and nibbling her nape  and shoulders. From behind, his hands reclaimed her full breasts and played with her nipples.


Half-lying on her left side, Maya could feel her husband’s hard shaft  grazing between her bottom globes. While one of his legs slid and wedged  between hers, his hard body heat seared her back. Then,  Richard lifted her right leg and was slipping his erection  into her feminine core.


“Guide me in,” he commanded in dulcet tones.


Maya’s hands automatically went to his hard shaft to correct his angle so that his blunt head would rest at her moist entrance.  With a moan,  she felt him thrusting and penetrating her soft heat. Maya felt tears at the corners of her eyes at the sheer pleasure of finally joining with him after several months. She had missed this physical side of their marriage. She did not realise how much until that very moment of  blissful union.


Richard, for his part, was gritting his teeth as he fought for control.  Beads of perspiration gathered at his temples as he tried to concentrate on rhythmically thrusting to bring Maya into another climax.  His teeth grazed her dewy  skin as he buried his head into her neck. Deliberately, he removed his right  hand from  her leg  to travel up her front to caress her slick center, invading her  labia to tease her already swollen nubbin.


“Ooooooooh, Richard!” Maya  gasped  at this double stimulation with Richard stroking within and outside her feminine core. Arching her neck against Richard, her husband hotly licked behind her ear.  Groaning, Maya’s hand  reached for his jaw so that she could kiss him with all the passion that she was feeling at that very moment.


Maya could feel herself moving back and forth  to meet his thrusts halfway while feeling the pleasure cresting once more.  Maya licked her lips as sensations gripped her entire being. From her perspective, the physical side of marriage was only heightening at each encounter as Richard peeled away her inhibitions layer by layer.


Maya closed her eyes while she could feel herself reaching higher and higher into the heavens until she burst into a million blazing stars. Unaware, Maya’s core gripped  Richard who helplessly convulsed  and spilled his seed  within her.  Behind her,  Richard’s muted harsh grunt barely impinged on her consciousness as she slowly came down to earth.


“I love you, Maya.” her husband whispered as he gave her another searingly hot kiss before collapsing  beside her in a tangle of legs and arms.


“I love you, Richard,”  she responded drowsily as exhaustion took over their sated bodies.


Early next morning, Maya woke up wanting to go to the toilet.  She smiled as she recognised the heavy weight of her husband’s arm on her swollen abdomen  while his left leg was draped over both of hers. When she tried to dislodge him, Richard sleepily groaned in protest and refused to let go. Maya almost giggled at this unconscious display of  possessiveness. Unfortunately, her bladder was so full making it  a major effort to stop herself from voiding.


“Richard, I need to get up,” Maya shook his upper arm.


Richard sleepily released Maya and then resettled back beside her. Maya slid out of the blanket to realise that she was still naked.  She tried to look for her night gown but it was nowhere in sight.  Sighing, she silently crossed the carpeted floor to the ensuite bathroom. After emptying her bladder, she reached for her waffle robe hanging behind the door.   She was firmly tying the belt around her when she gasped at the intense pain radiating from her lower abdomen. When the pain subsided she slowly walked back to bed and noted the time. Ten minutes later, another contraction racked her form as she sat at the edge of the bed. Less than ten minutes passed, pain gripped her once more.


Catching her breath, Maya reached over to nudge Richard awake. Her husband merely groaned in protest and shifted to sleeping on his back. Since Richard rarely sleeps  without a shirt, seeing his bare wide chest and broad shoulders was enough to distract her despite her condition. Maya laughed self-deprecatingly for having ‘the hots’ for her sleeping husband just as she was about to give birth.


“Sweetheart?” Richard asked sleepily.


“Richard, get up please,” Maya muttered “we need to go back to the hospital.”


“Huh?”  His eyes clouded with sleep, Richard tried to focus on Maya. When Maya suddenly gasped in pain, Richard’s eyes finally became alert. Throwing the blanket off him, he jacknifed out of bed  and proceeded to scoop Maya with the intention of carrying her out of the bedroom.


“Sweetheart,” Maya shook his shoulders urgently. “You’re  butt-naked!”


“Bloody  hell!” Richard groaned realising that he was not wearing a stitch of clothing for he just spent the night making love to his wife. He paused by the bedroom door and put Maya on her feet. “Just hang in there for a sec, sweetheart.”


Maya could not help but giggle at the farcical situation, especially when Richard could only find his pyjama bottoms.  Giving up on finding his boxer shorts and white shirt, Richard just shoved his long legs into his pyjamas before pivoting back to where she was standing trying to contain her mirth.


Feeling the need to hold and comfort Maya, Richard woke up Joma to drive them to the hospital. With the periodic contractions intensifying, Maya barely noticed that they caused a stir when they came through the hospital doors. The female staff on graveyard shift certainly appreciated seeing a half-naked wide-chested good looking chinito briskly walking along the corridors at four in the  morning. Richard was raising female pulse rates without even realising it.


Maya was quickly assessed and transferred to one of the  operating rooms  of the  birthing centre  where she was dressed in a light blue hospital gown and attached to different monitors.  When Richard rejoined her, she noticed that he was dressed in asimilar hospital gown.


“That’s more like it, Mr. Lim.  Much as I like eyecandies, I can’t have you hovering around half-naked and causing palpitations among my nurses.  Not a safe way to practice!” the senior female middle-aged nurse joked while  eyeing the  younger nurses who were attaching a fetal monitor to  their baby.  Laughter rang in the room, including Maya’s.


“Pinagtatawanan mo na naman ako,” Richard chided Maya in an undertone.


“Sabihin ko kaya sa kanila na muntik ka nang makarating dito ng hubo’t hubad?” Maya whispered her mock threat.


“Then I will tell them that you seduced and took advantage of me.”


With eyes widening like saucers, Maya gasped at his retaliating remark and then broke again into giggles.  However, her giggle was cut short when another contraction gripped her very intensely.


“Sobrang sakit nun, ha!” Maya complained. “Nurse, nagbabago na yata ako ng isip. Gusto ko na ng epidural.”


Maya had actually wanted  an all-natural birth and intimated this to her specialist tandem who  verbalised to accommodate her wants as long as everything went well. Now, she is changing her mind.  Each painful contraction was draining her strength. She was afraid that she may get too weak when it was time to push.


The senior nurse went to stand by her bedside and considered her readings. “Hmmnnn, I don’t think that will be possible at this late stage, Mrs. Lim. But I will inform Dr. de Guzman of your request.”


Later, Maya groaned when told by her specialists that epidural can not be administered as she was already having strong contractions frequently. It was explained to her that it was no longer safe for the anaesthetist to administer the drug to the base of her spine.  However, the younger Dr. de Guzman offered to give a local pain killer via intramuscular injection when required.


“But we shall see how we go, hmnn?” the younger Dr. de Guzman said.


In the meantime, she was given a nitrous oxide mask, commonly called laughing gas, for pain relief as they waited for Maya’s cervix to fully dilate.  When full dilation was reached,  Maya threw away the plastic mask as it was just irritating her and providing no comfort whatsoever.


“Sweetheart, you need to put this back on…” Richard suggested after picking up the mask.


“It’s useless!” Maya growled at Richard who quickly set aside the offending contraption.


Maya gasped again and gnashed her teeth as another intense  painful wave swept through her. While the elder Dr. de Guzman  took a back seat in the procedure, the younger specialist  acted as lead doctor.  Positioned between Maya’s braced legs, she took charge of the delivery,  coaching Maya to push at each contraction.  Maya was almost passing out with the pain especially when she was crowning.  For pain relief, one of the assisting nurses injected  Pethidine  into her thigh but she did not even feel the 1.5 inch  needle due to the agonising pain which now concentrated on her birth canal.


Gripping Richard’s arm at each contraction, Maya was literally cutting the blood flow to her husband’s extremities.  Red and blue blood vessels were showing at her throat as she pushed with all her might.  At the back of her head, Maya was worried that their baby might get stuck in her birth canal and be deprived of oxygen.  But try as she might,  she could not push  hard enough.


Muttering a silent prayer, Maya pleaded to the  Lord Almighty to protect her baby.  With a shrill grunt, she gathered  her strength and bore down. She felt the baby’s head coming through with the rest of the body coming a second later. Maya anxiously waited until she heard their baby’s lusty cry before she closed her eyes in exhaustion.


“Sweetheart, he’s here.”  Richard whispered a few minutes later.


Maya reopened her eyes to focus on the bundle he was carrying. With his chinito eyes, pink lips and very fair complexion, their son was like a little replica of his father.   And judging from his father’s beaming expression, he was very well aware of that fact.


In the next few minutes, Maya and their baby was prepared for transfer to their private room.  Richard could only marvel at the little miracle swaddled in a  blue wrap and tucked neatly in a little transparent rectangular  bassinet.


“You did very well, sweetheart,”  her husband complimented, admiration in his voice as his eyes glinted down at his wife.


In response, Maya smiled tiredly but her eyes rounded when her husband’s head kept on coming down until his lips captured her in a  light  lingering kiss. In the background, someone started coughing and muttering that husbands need to leave their wives alone after giving birth.


However, Richard and Maya were oblivious to the teasing remark. They were wordlessly communicating their love for each other.  Each secure that the feeling is reciprocated.  For years, they have been bonded with invisible strings that have stretched and lengthened when they led lives physically separate from the other.  Yet the invisible strings were never severed for they found themselves pulled together with memories that won’t fade and feelings that refused to die.


Happiness and contentment finally came when they purposely wove one’s life with the other. Blessed with this  newest family member, their  union  is  filled with hope for the future. With their mutual love and devotion,  their interwoven lives promise a journey that has been destined to go the distance.


Epilogue (na talaga) to follow…


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