Long-held Torch – Part 13

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Part 13

Richard could not believe his ears when Maya said that she wanted to stay with him instead of going home. It was guaranteed to obliterate his self-control into oblivion. Despite his years of experience, he behaved like a teenager and eagerly took what Maya offered.

And how she offered!

Maya gave herself unreservedly and beautifully that he lost his head. It was a good thing Maya pleaded that he take her gently that he was able to temper his libido somehow. He had felt the undeniable proof of her innocence but it was not enough to stop him from possessing her. If anything, the knowledge that Maya had never known any other man just aroused him further.

Making love to Maya was incredible just as he imagined and more. He had often fantasized making love to her eversince that fateful night when he saw her walking up the beach, her naked body glistening with sea water. That beautiful teen had blossomed into an even more beautiful young lady.

The beautiful young lady who became a woman in his arms.

β€œOh, Maya” he said hoarsely as he moved in steady rhythm inside her very hot and very tight core that he felt himself being squeezed in a vice-like grip β€œyou’re so incredibly tight, sweetheart.”

Richard kissed her palm when he felt her fingers on his face. Then he swooped down to bestow her yet another passionate kiss. Noting the creases around her eyes, Richard knew she was in pain but he just could not stop even if his life depended on it. He was gripped in intense pleasure as he involuntarily hastened his rhythm until he felt his groin constricting.

β€œMaaayaaaaaaa!” he groaned through gritted teeth as he could feel one of the most powerful orgasm of his life racking his body as his seed spilled inside her. Despite not having fully recovered, he lifted himself off for he was loathe to crush her with his heavy weight. He immediately felt bereft of her very snug soft heat. He couldn’t resist giving a very sleepy Maya another deep lingering kiss before he went to lie beside her.

It was a mind-blowing experience that left him in a daze. He was so enthralled with her that he threw all caution to the winds and made love to her without sparing a thought to contraception. And he does not care! He wanted to be close to Maya without any barrier whatsoever.

As his tachypneic breathing slowly decelerated to a more normal rate, his bemused gaze went over Maya’s features that were serene in her sleep. Her lips were swollen from his kisses and her cheeks were still flushed pink. His gaze went over her smooth and shapely length until it arrested on the blood stain on her thighs. The same stain was likewise partially coating his still erect shaft.

So, he has not imagined it!

Maya was a virgin until a few minutes ago! He still could not fully take that in. Given her age and her past romantic relationships, somehow she has managed to stay virgo intacta. How on earth was that possible? Did she hook up with one milksoppy boyfriend after another? If she was his, he would not be able to keep his hands off her.

This clearly explains your current post coital state, of course.

I am not like one of her milksoppy ex-boyfriends.

Hang on a minute! Who told you she had boyfriends in the first place?

No one in particular really, he answered himself. Ryan, and then recently Emman, informed him that Maya dated a few guys.

But no one specifically told you that she had a boyfriend, eh? You made that grossly wrong assumption all by yourself, Richard Lim!

Priding himself as a man of the world, he had told Maya that he could not care less about her past boyfriends. But if truth be told, he has been torturing himself with thoughts of Maya being intimate with other men when they only existed in his head. This would explain her blushing discomfort and extreme shyness whenever they get hot and heavy. He even subjected himself to extreme sexual frustration while he ‘exorcised’ her alleged ex-boyfriends out of her system. Yet, all this time, she has always been tucked up in her chaste bed all by herself.

Richard felt like a bloody idiot!

Nevertheless, he was a very lucky idiot, not to mention a very jubilant idiot for Maya chose him to be her first lover. He wondered whether she has also been waiting for him all these years. Richard would like to think so. He is fervently hoping that this is the case.

Smiling inwardly, he gathered her in his arms and pulled the cotton sheet over the both of them. Maya nuzzled his shoulder before resettling back to sleep. The caress sent jolts of pleasure through his spine but he doubted if Maya would welcome being made love to all over again. Still aroused and far from satisfied, Richard absently thought that it would probably take making love with Maya for several weeks, probably months, before he could dampen down his desire for her into a more normal level.

Smiling wryly, Richard settled down beside her and listened to her even breathing. For the first time in years, he felt emotional contentment despite his physical dissatisfaction. Being with the woman you love makes all the difference in the world. In his heart and mind, what happened between them felt right.

So, how will you face Tatay Arturo and Nanay Teresita after this?

A frown marred his handsome chinito features as his conscience pricked him. Maya’s parents have trusted him and he turned around to bed their daughter almost right under their noses. He slowly got up so that he would not jolt Maya out of her rest. He needed to make a few phone calls.

After almost an hour, he came back to bed. He kissed Maya’s forehead and snuggled as close as possible to her. He smiled to himself as this would be the first time he would literally be sleeping with a woman. No, that was not right. He had first slept with Maya the night of the storm.

β€œI love you, Maya” he whispered into her hair before he closed his lids.

Richard felt her initially stirring around daybreak before resettling back to sleep. He sleepily waited if she will wake up. When she didn’t, Richard kissed Maya’s forehead before he slowly got up to reach for the towel hanging on the gallinera seat’s backrest. Tucking it around his middle, he went to the alcove to carefully pick a red rose from the thick hedge to place it on the pillow by Maya’s head.

After having a shower, he didn’t bother putting on clothes. With a wrapped towel around his middle, he went to the kitchen. He came back with a huge oval platter of fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, buttered wholemeal toast and a small pot of black coffee and a tiny jug of fresh milk. There were also slices of rockmelon, pineapple and a lakatan banana.

Richard saw that Maya was awake and was smelling the red rose. Her hair was spread across his pillow and there was a healthy glow on her skin. Richard thought she looked like a woman who had just been made love to. She smiled shyly as she sat up in bed while trying to tuck the bed sheet to cover herself as another enchanting blush was creeping up her cheeks.

Richard wolfishly smiled as he watched her movements. He mentally debated whether to remind her of his photographic memory or just let her be. Richard considered her hiding behind the sheet as rather futile for he had already memorized every inch of her.

β€œGood morning, sweetheart” he greeted her with a deep lingering kiss as he placed the bed tray table across her legs.

β€œGood morning” was her husky reply.

β€œWe forgot about dinner last night so I am sure you are very hungry,” he stated as he sat down on the bed beside her.

β€œMmmmmnnnn” Maya appreciatively breathed in the savoury aroma as she regarded the breakfast feast before her. Then she poured the coffee into two cups and spooned sugar into one. Maya’s eyes rounded as Richard offered a forkful of scrambled eggs by her lips. Richard smiled as Maya opened her mouth. Smiling sweetly as she munched, Maya picked up a crunchy bacon strip and fed it to him.

β€œMarunong ka rin palang magluto,” Maya complimented as she peeled and sliced the banana to top it on a toast.

β€œOf course,” Richard nodded while chewing as he placed another forkful of scrambled eggs into her mouth and then continued β€œI had no choice but to learn when I lived overseas.”

β€œNung nag-stay ka sa Dubai?” she asked after swallowing.

Richard nodded again and sipped his black coffee as he watched Maya eat. She mainly munched on her ‘banana on toast’ and then the sliced fruits.

β€œFinish the eggs, sweetheart,” he instructed as he considered her shoulder frame. With his connoisseur eye, Richard evaluated that Maya could do with a bit more weight. She would be sexier, he mused as his eyes became mere slits as he recalled what happened the night before.


β€œI usually just have coffee first.” Richard really can not eat first thing in the morning. He needed to work up an appetite before he could have breakfast. β€œI’ll be back.”

Richard disappeared into the bathroom where he had recently installed a huge corner spa bath that could easily fit three people. He turned on the tap to fill it up with very warm water. Then he picked up a bottle of bath oil and squirted some into the rising water level.

Approaching the bed, he smiled at Maya who was finishing her coffee when he came back. He put away the tray and scooped up Maya who insisted on holding onto the sheet. He glimpsed the palm-size patch of dried blood on the bed’s fitted sheet as he pivoted towards the bathroom.

β€œAre you very sore?” he asked in concern.

Richard’s knowledge with virgins was limited. The last time he made love to one was during his college days for he avoided them like the plague. Still, he was aware that the ‘first time’ was not a pleasurable experience for most, if not all women. And the morning-after soreness was reputed to be even worse. Richard reckoned it would be akin to exercising for the first time after leading a sedentary lifestyle. Every aching muscle fibre would be protesting with every movement.

Richard noted Maya’s heightening blush as she nodded. Richard sighed as his hopes of making love to her again were clearly dashed. It can’t be helped, Richard thought. He needed to make more allowances for her inexperience. He was just glad they can spend a few days together.

β€œHmmmnn, well, this should ease some of the soreness off,” he told her as he gently lowered her into the middle of the filled spa bath. He grinned when Maya had quickly taken the sheet off and gave the bundle to him to avoid wetting it. He placed it on top of the clothes hamper before shedding his towel. He stepped naked into the bath and sat behind Maya, with his long limbs on either side of her. He picked up the flannel and proceeded to wash her smooth back. He leaned forward when he went to wash her nape which he just had to bestow a kiss.

β€œRichard, may kiliti ako diyan!” Maya protested giddily as she tried to move away.

He just grinned as he went to wash her shoulders and arms. Leaning forward, he paid a lavish and lengthy attention to her twin peaks which had Maya squirming. He lowered the flannel to her abdominal area and then went further to wash off the dried blood on her thighs which made Maya sit very still.



β€œHow come I was your first?” he asked in a husky tone.

The ensuing silence was only disturbed by the gentle lap of water against their bodies.


β€œAhhh….eh…w-wala naman kasi akong naging boyfriend bukod sayo,” she explained hesitantly.

Elation surged in him as he confirmed that he was her first boyfriend as well. This could mean that she never felt any strong emotion towards any other man except him. He vowed he would be the last man in her life as well.

β€œPero bakit nga?” Richard persisted. β€œI mean, I am sure you had suitors and that you have dated…”

β€œThat’s right,” Maya agreed quickly β€œ Pero hindi naman ibig sabihin na nakipag-date ako sa guy na magiging boyfriend ko na siya. Hindi rin ibig sabihin na nakipagdate ako sa guy na maika-kama na niya ‘ko!”

Without meaning to, he was upsetting Maya whose head was bent. Tendrils have escaped her hastily chignoned hair and they were getting wet.

β€œLook, I am sorry. I did not mean to question your morals. I would be the last person to do that given my very chequered past. What I have been wanting to ask was and have been botching so far—”

Maya turned her head and looked directly at him with her wary doe-eyes that he lost his train of thoughts for a few seconds.

β€œDid you not feel strong attraction to the guys you have dated?”

Maya looked away, frowning slightly in silent contemplation.

β€œI was attracted enough to date them…but I don’t know…” Maya replied almost lost in her own thoughts β€œsomething was preventing me to go into a relationship. And I have been baffled at how I felt for years. I have often asked myself why I never could take the next step. Then a few weeks ago, my question was finally answered…”

β€œ…I was still in love with you.” Maya turned her head to look seriously at him.

β€œHow long have you known?” he asked quietly.

Maya smiled sweetly. β€œTulad ng sabi ko, matagal na.”

β€œSince when?” Richard insisted when Maya looked away.

β€œIf you must know, I have always felt something for you. It was weird coz I really disliked you when I was a kid coz you teased me a lot.”

Richard grinned at her as he resumed washing her thighs.

β€œYou were such a cute smiley kid even without your front teeth, I could not resist making you pout. Ang haba kasi ng nguso mo kapag naka-irap.”

β€œAng sama mo! Iniiyakan ko na nga nung mawala yung front teeth ko tapos tawagin mo ba naman akong ‘Bungi’. Lakas mo kayang mang-asar!” Maya chided him β€œAnyway, I did not like you very much. Or so I thought. Then I finally realised that I feel strange whenever you are around.”

β€œIn what way strange?” Richard ‘s eyes were lifted in query.

β€œIt’s like having butterflies fluttering around in my stomach whenever you are near. Then I found myself missing you. Especially when you and Kuya graduated from your degree studies and you both became busy with your respective careers. I was twelve when it finally dawned on me that I have a crush on you. But you stayed away.” she finished accusingly.

β€œBut I still came back often.” Richard claimed defensively.

β€œOnly for short visits. You never stayed for the summer months anymore. So, I got even angrier at you. I know it was irrational and childish but I was angry at you.”

β€œKaya pala hindi ka ngumingiti sakin. Masayahin ka pero naka-irap ka pag ako na ang kaharap mo.”

β€œNaging protective mechanism ko yata yung magalit para hindi mo mahalata na may crush ako sayo,” Maya explained with a giggle.

β€œHmmm…ang akala ko naman, ayaw mo talaga sakin.” Richard murmured against her nape. β€œYet when I kissed you that night on the beach, I knew you were not kissing me back but I felt your response. I thought I imagined it coz afterwards your eyes were hating my guts. Then you ran from me crying.”

β€œKasi naman first kiss ko yun. It was so momentous for me. Then you said that it was just a demonstration of ‘the possible dangers’ that can happen to me.” Maya pouted.

β€œAnd I still stand by that. You should not walk on the beach or anywhere else for that matter in the middle of the night, most especially when you are alone.” Richard declared and then sighed. β€œThat night I told myself that I needed to stay away because I knew I will not be able to keep my distance if I keep on staying under your parents’ roof.”

β€œFunny, that was also the night I realised that I was in love with you.” Maya smiled sweetly at him as she turned to to kneel facing him to drape her arms around his neck. β€œAlthough later, I tried to convince myself that I was over you. I was merely deluding myself all these years. Because I am still crazy about you.”

Richard welcomed and deepened the kiss that Maya gave him after her confession. His arms went round her, exulting in being able to see and hold her most intimately. However, he can also feel his control slipping fast.

β€œMaya, we need to stop…” was his breathless warning when he broke off the kiss β€œunless, you want to make love again.”

Maya looked dreamily at him before a look of horror replaced her expression β€œGoodness, your shoulders are bleeding!”

Richard frowned and looked at his left and right shoulders where crescent-shaped marks were bleeding again. The high temperature of the steamy water must have loosened off the scabbed platelet plugs.

His grinned lop-sidedly as he informed her β€œYou made those cuts last night, sweetheart.”

Maya was even more horrified as recognition entered her eyes. β€œNaku, sorry hindi ko sinasadya.”

β€œDon’t worry about it, Maya. I did not even feel it…” he paused as his eyes gleamed β€œ…coz we were making love at the time.”

His admission brought on another wave of colour to creep up Maya’s cheeks. He frowned when Maya shivered. β€œAre you getting cold?”

At her nod, he adjusted the thermostat to a higher setting and then turned on the jacuzzi. With eyes closed, Richard was just quite content on holding Maya as they allowed hydrotherapy to soothe their muscles.

Afterwards, he went into his closet to put on a singlet and cotton printed shorts. He picked up another pair of shorts and a T-shirt which Maya could wear but when he rejoined her in the bedroom, she was already wearing his pale pink long sleeved polo shirt which he had shed the night before. With the shirt tail reaching down her mid-thigh, she looked very sexy.

β€œDon’t you want some fresh clothes on?”

Maya smilingly shook her head. β€œMas gusto kong i-suot ito. Kung okey lang sayo?”

β€œWhy should I mind if you go walking around the house half-naked with just my shirt?” he teased β€œbut just to be on the safe side, I think it’s best we stay mainly in the master suite. I don’t want Tata Igme getting over-excited and suffering a heart attack if he sees you in that get-up.”

Maya giggled. β€œJealous, Richard?”

β€œMost definitely jealous, Maya. I don’t want any other male seeing what should be for my eyes only.” Richard said mockingly but with a very serious undertone as he closed the gap between them and kissed her nose. β€œNow what do you want to do?”

β€œHmmmmmnnn” Maya looked around the bedroom and stated β€œI want to look at curtain designs.”

Richard’s brows lifted again.

β€œThe house needs curtains. I can check some websites to see the current trends for window furnishings.”

β€œOkey, I will set up the laptops in the sitting room. I will also have to check my emails for anything that urgently needs my attention.”

Richard had actually turned off his phone since yesterday afternoon for he wanted this special time with Maya to be uninterrupted. He had only turned it on for an hour to talk to Lisa to organise a special delivery for him. Afterwhich, he spoke lengthily to his parents to inform them of his marriage plans and to solicit their support. His father was relieved to hear that he was finally settling down while his mother was ecstatic and already requesting grandchildren right away.


The idea of precocious little versions of Maya running around barefoot was making him grin from ear to ear. Ideally, he would love three or four kids. Of course, this would also depend on Maya. But hopefully not quite yet. He preferred to have Maya all to himself for the first two or three years before bringing in kids to the equation.

Some things just happen, Richard. Especially, how you lost control last night. Maya could already be pregnant.

That thought nagged him as they both worked in companionable silence with a laptop each until Maya got up stating she was tired and getting back to bed. Richard noticed Maya walking slowly and wincing with every step. He frowned at her retreating back, wanting to scold her for suffering in silence. Richard got up and went to the kitchen. He took and opened a small packet of Oreo biscuits and a milky Milo drink which he made Maya consume to line her stomach before giving her Ibuprofen tablets.

β€œWhy did you not tell me you were still sore?” Richard reprimanded her as he joined her in bed to hold her in his arms.

β€œOkey naman ako kanina after the spa bath, eh. Ang kaso bumibigat yung pakiramdam ko. Para akong may sinat. Magkaka-flu yata ako.” Maya revealed.

β€œOh, Maya, you are so good for my ego! I usually get fantastic reviews for my bedroom performance.” Richard chuckled β€œBut definitely not with you coz I actually made you sick. Priceless!”

Maya stuck out her tongue at him which made Richard laugh even harder. He gave her a squeeze and another peck on the nose. He was in bed again with Maya and was thoroughly enjoying this lazy day.

Later that evening, he stood up when he heard the familiar sound of the whirring blades of his helicopter hovering abovehead. Despite getting up from the bed carefully, Maya stirred and asked him where he was going.

β€œI am just going outside for a few minutes. Stay here please.” He kissed her on the lips before he went outside to his expansive front lawn to wait for a very special delivery.

Lisa jumped out of the chopper, followed by a couple of burly men carrying a myriad of items. With his face split with a wide grin, Richard came forward to greet Lisa and her companions.

β€œThank you, Lisa, for doing this for me.” Richard expressed his gratitude as Lisa handed him a small package. He took the square box out of the bag and opened it. Smiling broadly, he inspected the exquisitely-made engagement ring for the first time. Though he never designed any jewellery before, he found himself drawing Maya’s engagement ring one night when he got inspired by SeΓ±or DE La Rosa’s wood carvings.

β€œNaku, sir. It is a privilege to be able to assist you on this very special occasion. I have the the dress you ordered. I think I have the right size.” Lisa looked around then asked β€œSir, saan po kami magse-set up?”

Richard snapped the box shut and smiled at Lisa. β€œWe have to go to the beachfront. Please follow me.”

An hour almost passed when Richard returned to the master’s bedroom. He went to lie beside Maya to wake her up with kisses. She merely groaned and shifted away. He snuggled behind her again and started kissing her neck.

β€œNangingiliti ka naman, eh…” Maya moaned sleepily.

β€œWake up sleepy head. We’re going out,” he announced as he straightened by the side of the bed.

β€œSaan tayo pupunta?” Maya finally opened her eyes and stretched on the bed, unknowingly enticing Richard who could only look on as the movement further exposed her shapely legs. He watched as she got up and smiled at him before giving him a hug and resting her head on his chest.

β€œIt’s a surprise.” Richard replied as he enfolded her in his arms. β€œGot a dress for you.”

β€œSaan?” Maya lifted her head from him.

Richard nodded his head towards the direction of the turquoise printed maxi dress which he had laid out over the gallinera’s backrest. He had placed a canvass slingback sandal of the same shade by the chair’s feet.

Maya got up and measured the dress against her length. β€œThank you for the surprise.”

Closing the gap between them, Richard held her round the waist and said β€œThat wasn’t my surprise.”

β€œHuh?” Maya frowned.

Richard shook his head. β€œChange into that so we can get out of the house.”

Maya grinned up at him and complied. Richard was buttoning up his short sleeved polo shirt when Maya approached to fix his collar.

β€œThanks, sweetheart,” he murmured before bestowing a quick kiss on her lips.

Richard then took her right hand in his left and guided her towards the main door to the cobbled path leading to the beach. Leisurely, they walked hand in hand under the star spangled night. A sweet fragrance was wafting from the clumps of jasmine bushes among the rocks.

They came upon a laid-out tartan blue picnic rug in front of a bonfire. There was a picnic basket and a bucket of ice with a bottle of Moet and Chandon champagne, a couple of wine flutes and a few large square cushions.

β€œDo you remember this spot?” Richard asked.

Maya frowned and looked around. They were on the stretch of beach between the Spanish villa and her parent’s house. No one was about except the two of them.

β€œIt was a night like this when I kissed you eight years ago right on this spot.” Richard looked down at her.

β€œDito ba yun?”

Richard nodded wordlessly.

Maya looked at the spot with new eyes and caught the reflection of fire against a very smooth rounded surface that was on top of the wicker basket’s lid. Maya slowly approached it with Richard right behind her.

β€œIt’s a compass,” Maya exclaimed as she picked it up, to touch the smooth glass face.

β€œYes, it’s an antique brass compass on its top cover, and when you open the flap, it’s a pocket watch. It was one of SeΓ±or La Rosa’s treasures that I found with the statue. I think it was appropriate to bring it out for the occasion.”

Maya looked at him questioningly.

β€œA compass guides voyagers because of its attraction to the magnetic north which is marked abovehead by Polaris. Both have guided SeΓ±or La Rosa in his journey from his land of birth from the far side of the globe to this particular island, to follow the woman he loves, and to ultimately make this place their home.”

Richard saw Maya’s eyes searching his and he smiled as he brought out the small square box out of his beige slack’s right pocket.

β€œI am making the villa a very comfortable house but I need ‘you’ to make it a home. You already know of my desire to make you my wife. I would like to know if this is also what you want.” Richard paused to go down on one knee in front of Maya as he opened the box. “I am asking you to marry me, Maya.”

β€œOh, Richard…” Maya’s smiling eyes glistened with tears that gathered and was threatening to fall.

β€œMake me the happiest man on earth, Maya. Say yes, sweetheart.” Richard prompted huskily.

β€œYes…yes!” Maya’s tears fell down her cheeks as she looked at the beautiful ring inside the box.

Richard pulled a sigh of relief, unaware that he was holding his breath the entire time. He got up and took the ring out of its cushion bed, placed it on Maya’s ring finger and kissed her knuckles. Then he wiped the tears off her cheeks with the pads of his fingers afterwhich he kissed her with a soul-searing kiss that conveyed all the emotion that he was feeling. They were both breathless when the liplock ended, with Maya resting her cheek against him. Richard held her around the waist, savouring the wonderful milestone in their relationship.

Under the stars, Richard and Maya celebrated their engagement with champagne. The picnic basket contained a square platter of clubhouse-style sandwiches, fruits and a variety of cheeses which became their supper. He hand-fed the sliced fruits to her while Maya kept on popping different cheeses into his mouth.

When they got back to the house, Maya sat on the four-poster bed as she scrutinised her ring under the bedside lamp. It was the intertwined rose design that pervaded the villa. The only addition was that a one-carat brilliant-cut Β diamond was sitting on the fully bloomed rose and was with its accompanying rose bud with leaves attached to intertwined stems that formed the circle of the ring which had intricate tiny little nodules. It was made of precious platinum metal.

β€œDo you like it?” Richard asked as he sat beside her on the four-poster bed.

β€œLike it? I love it!” Maya’s arms went round his nape and kissed him again β€œwho designed this?”

β€œSeΓ±or La Rosa did,” Richard quipped β€œwell, I merely applied his intertwined roses design into a ring.”

β€œIt’s so beautiful” Maya said in awe β€œhow did you know my ring size?”

Richard smiled β€œI took Nanay’s ring finger size. Sabi niya pareho kayo ng mga daliri.”

β€œAlam ni Nanay na magpo-propose ka sakin?” Maya’s head was angled at him in query.

β€œMaya, I asked Tatay and Nanay’s permission to court you.”

Maya smiled at him, touched at his gesture of sincerity. Richard touched his forehead against hers.

β€œI love you, Maya.”

β€œI love you, too.” Maya angled her face and kissed him deeply as she removed his specs to put it on the bedside table. Richard revelled in this less inhibited Maya who instigates kisses. However, he was a bit worried when Maya started to remove his shirt and started to rain kisses down the column of his throat.

β€œAhhhmm, Maya?”

β€œHmmmmm?” she murmured as she punctuated his Adam’s apple with a moist kiss that had him grunting.

β€œAren’t you sore?”

β€œI’m fine. I want to make love to you again” she admitted huskily.

β€œBelieve me, I want to make love to you over and over and over again.” he said with feeling Β “But you were very sore earlier…”

β€œDo I need to seduce you, Richard?” Maya asked in a sultry tone.

β€œSweetheart, you can effortlessly seduce me with just a look.” Richard smiled wolfishly.

β€œIs that what happened yesterday?”

β€œUhhhmmmm.” Richard nodded with a grin.

β€œThen I should be able to repeat the feat.” Maya declared as she proceeded to divest him of his polo shirt.

Richard’s tachycardiac heart rate went even higher as Maya’s fingers touched the skin that she has been exposing. She would nuzzle or kiss him. When she reached his pects, she bent her head to lave his nipple that made him gasp. Her head went further down to his flat abdomen to the waistband of his pants. This time she was able to manage his pants’ clasp and zip. Richard lifted his bottom to ease off his beige slacks as she watched Maya stand up to undress until she was just in her lacy bra and undies. Richard felt Maya pushing him down the bed and he very willingly complied.

Maya’s hands hesitated for a long time over his boxer-briefs so he took pity on her and peeled it off himself.

Maya’s fascination was very evident to Richard who was just waiting with bated breath for her next move. Then, as if in a trance, Maya’s fingers lightly went over his groin to the tuft of hair trailing a path to his hard shaft that seemed to grow harder with her caress. Richard closed his eyes as spine-tingling sensation shoot through him with her tactile caresses. Her feather-light fingers traced the ridges formed by a blood vessel network until she reached the rounded head where a clear drop of precome was glistening.

Richard gasped as incredible pleasure shot through his spine as he felt a very moist lightly abrasive warmth brushing over his tip. Dazedly, Richard opened his eyes and visually registered Maya’s head by his groin. And because he could not handle the extreme sensation, he pulled Maya who toppled over his chest.

β€œAyaw mo ba nung ginawa ko?” Maya asked anxiously as she propped herself up to look down at him.

β€œOn the contrary, sweetheart, I liked it just a bit way too much.” Richard muttered as he deftly took off her bra to free her perky breasts. He gently flipped her over so that he can access all her erogenous zones from her neck as he performed his meticulous downward kiss trail once more until he was ‘feasting’ on her once again. His lingual onslaught brought her to dizzying heights until Maya shuddered, reaching the peak of sexual ecstasy.

However, Richard heard her gasp of pain once more when he started to enter her. He retreated and moved over to sit with his back resting at the centre headboard of the four-poster bed. He pulled Maya so that he could hold her against his chest as he tried to get his libido under control.

β€œRichard, ayaw mo na ba?”

β€œI do but you are still in pain,” Richard said simply, his breathing still very uneven.

β€œHindi ba masakit sa puson yan?” Maya asked indicating his state of arousal as she knelt by his side to look at him worriedly.

β€œUhmmmmm,” Richard nodded β€œwell, we can try something else…”


β€œYou can make love to me,” Richard suggested.

β€œHow?” Maya looked at him blankly.

β€œCome on top of me sweetheart. This way you can control the movements and the pain.”

Richard patiently guided her as he instructed her to kneel astride him. With her hands gripping his forearms, Maya lowered herself as he guided his erect shaft into her feminine core. Richard gritted his teeth, almost delirious with pleasure at how hot and tight she was.

Maya was groaning in pain as she stilled after impaling herself on top of him. Richard kissed her while running his hands all over her flushed smooth length. He bent his head to suckle her pinkish peaks which had Maya panting. Then Maya started moving slowly, jerkily at first until Richard held her by the waist and guided her pace until she was moving rhythmically.

Maya had such a serious expression on her face as she concentrated on her sensual task that Richard could not resist kissing her torridly before paying attention to her twin peaked globes once more.

β€œRichard, I can’t do this if you keep on kissing me there.” Maya complained raggedly.

β€œThen, I will help you sweetheart.” Richard moved his pelvis upwards meeting Maya’s movements halfway.

β€œOhhhhh…” Maya moaned.

β€œAre you still in pain?” Richard searched her features as he halted his upward thrusts.

Maya shook her head, her shoulder length tresses brushing against his face. β€œNot too much. It also feels so good.”

Richard could feel the tension from his groin rising as Maya moaned in pleasure as she moved. Then Maya was gripping his shoulders once more as she threw back her head to expose the swan-like column of her neck which was begging for his lip caress.

β€œRichaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrd!!!!” screamed Maya as she reached her first sexual peak with him inside her.

In turn, Richard felt his shaft being gripped by her inner muscles in another mind-blowing climax that had him shuddering helplessly underneath her.

Richard embraced Maya as she collapsed on top of him in exhaustion. He loved the feel of her length on top of him as he continued to hold her. Before he closed his eyes, he pulled the bedclothes over them. The temperature lowers significantly in the very early hours of the morning and he did not want Maya getting cold.

β€œI love you, Maya. You are my reason for living.” he whispered into her hair as he kissed her temple.

That night he dreamt of being present when the Spanish villa was being built. There were numerous skilled workers at the building site and he was supervising them. The walls were all up and the tile roofing was almost completed. From the corner of his eye, he saw a woman with long straight hair reaching past her waist. Traditionally attired, she was wearing a soft sleeved kimona with a very long striped skirt that covered her up to the soles of her feet. She was walking by the beach towards him when she paused to dip her bare feet into the water.

Then all of a sudden, it was evening and he was alone on the beach. He was looking at his brass pocket watch which indicated seven o’clock. He snapped it shut and returned it to his right pocket. The dark evening sky was well-lit with countless of stars. He could see Polaris shining brightly on the horizon. His gaze lowered as he saw a figure slowly rising from the water directly in front of him. Then, he was once more seeing Maya naked walking up the beach. Yet, she looked very different, with her hair centrally-parted and falling much longer at waist length. He saw her flicking her wet tresses with her right hand while her left hand hovered protectively over her softly rounded stomach. Then she looked up and smiled shyly at him as he held out a large towel which she ran into. He enfolded her in his embrace with his right hand covering her rounded stomach and murmured against her side temple β€œMis razones de vivir”.

Mis razones de vivir.

My reasons for living.

Richard’s eyes opened after he said the words. Maya has since shifted and was now tucked by his left side. He slowly went to his side that caused Maya to lie on her back. Richard lightly kissed her on the lips. His gaze warmly caressed her, from her beautiful facial features to her neck, to her breasts until his eyes froze on her stomach that was a bit sunken when she lies on her back. It was too soon to tell, he thought. His gaze lowered to her hair-covered mound and her shapely legs.

Richard could feel himself getting aroused again. Actually, he has been aroused almost 24/7 since they arrived back in San Nicholas. He took another look at her length and then sighed before gently extricating his left arm underneath her head. He got up and padded to his walk-in wardrobe. He came out wearing a pair of cotton shorts sans shirt. His feet took him to the alcove in front of SeΓ±ora La Rosa.

I believe you just visited me in my dream, he silently told her before his gaze lowered to the base of the statue. He read the engraving by her feet.

Mi razon de vivir.

Under the halogen lighting, more faint indentions after the first and second word were more visible to Richard. He went out of the alcove and went outside to the shelves beneath the carport to pick up different solutions, a small set of sculpting tools and rags. He returned to the alcove and knelt in front of the statue to rub out the varnish seal over the inscriptions. He carefully sprayed WD-40 to loosen the couple of century grime and left it for a few minutes to soak. Then, he picked up an Eckman plastic tool with a small rounded tip and started to slowly scrape off the dirt deposit to expose the remaining letters of the inscriptions.

Richard had been slowly scraping for almost an hour when Maya joined him in the alcove. Garbed in his cotton waffle robe, she padded to where he was crouching and hugged him from behind. He received a smack on his right cheek.

β€œAnong ginagawa mo dito ng madaling araw?” Maya asked sleepily.

β€œJust completing a task I started years ago,” he quipped β€œAre you able to read that?”

Maya peered over his shoulder and slowly read the inscription aloud β€œMis razones de vivir”

Richard got up and took off the statues tapis and then placed his arms round Maya’s waist as he said β€œTell me, why do you think her left hand hovers over her stomach?”

Maya frowned and looked at how the statue’s left hand protectively spans over her stomach. Her eyes went down to read the inscription again. β€œMis razones de vivir.”

β€œMy reasons for living,” Richard translated.

β€œHe knew she was pregnant when he started sculpting her!” Maya stated in wonder.

Richard looked at the softly rounded lower abdomen of the statue and confirmed β€œShe was probably in the first couple of month’s pregnancy. That’s why she was hardly showing.”

β€œMasaya siya dahil magkaka-anak na sila,” Maya guessed β€œSo he sculpted this to celebrate the occasion. The statue was a celebration for the new life they created.”

β€œTayo kaya?”

β€œHuh?” Maya looked blankly up at him.

β€œWhy do you look so surprised? After what already happened between us,” he smiled down at her.

Maya looked worried all of a sudden.

β€œAyaw mo bang magka-anak tayo?”

β€œHindi naman sa ganun. Kaya lang, baka magalit sina Tatay.”

β€œDon’t worry, we’ll get married right away. My parents are actually both coming home next week.” he informed her. β€œPagdating nila, pwede na kaming mamanhikan.”


β€œKaya nga mamaya iuuwi na kita para makausap ko na sila Tatay at Nanay.”

β€œHaaaa? Iuuwi mo nako?” Maya sounded so disappointed.

β€œI don’t want to but I have to bring you home later.”

Richard noted her pouting full lips and he just had to kiss her again. It was a kiss that turned passionate that left them breathless when Richard lifted his lips from her a fraction, seeing mirroring passion in her eyes.

β€œBut we can go later…?”

β€œYes,” Maya agreed huskily β€œmuch, much later.”

It was already way past sundown when Richard and Maya finally emerged from the villa. He gave her a quick lipsmack as he reached for the safety belt to pull it across Maya to click it in place. Richard’s brows lifted when he glimpsed Maya’s cleavage shown by the dress’ neckline that was too plunging for Richard’s peace of mind.

β€œBakit?” Maya asked when Richard continued to look at her chest.

β€œI don’t remember this dress as being this revealing,” Richard complained.

It was the same sleeveless avocado green sundress with wheat-print at the hem. Maya had laundered and drip-dried the dress in the alcove. It looked shapeless on the hanger but it looked very sexy on Maya.

β€œHindi ko kasi makita kung saan mo hinagis yung singlet ko, eh!” Maya giggled. β€œMedyo sexy talaga itong dress na ‘to. Ayaw mo ba?”

β€œAyaw,” Richard quickly quipped β€œAyaw na kitang iuwi sa inyo. Mag-tanan na lang kaya tayo?”

Maya giggled anew.

β€œNaku, magagalit si Tatay niyan. Saka si Mamang, magtatampo yun sayo! Nag-promise ka na magga-gown siya sa kasal natin. Sige ka!” Maya warned.

β€œOo nga pala ‘no?” Richard pursed his lips before he straightened in his seat to start the Land Cruiser’s engine.

When they reached the Dela Rosa residence, no one was about for the Souvenir Shop has been closed for several hours. Richard and Maya walked hand in hand from the vehicle to the house. But before they went upstairs, Richard stopped and faced Maya.

β€œI just want to kiss you one more time before we face the music.” Richard muttered before his lips captured hers in another passionate clinch. With Maya enfolded in his arms, Richard’s senses leapt as he felt the curvy softness of her length. He was wishing he delayed bringing Maya home for a few more days.

Richard’s attention was so wrapped up with the woman in his arms that he ignored the slamming of car doors and the approaching footsteps. The next thing, he was being violently pulled from Maya by the shoulder and receiving a punch by his right jaw that had him staggering back.

β€œKuyaaaaaa, huwaaaaag!” Maya screamed as his vision blurred for he lost his specs.

to be continued…


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74 responses to “Long-held Torch – Part 13”

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  3. jennylovesyou says :

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  5. chuwie966 says :

    OMG it’s getting better and better and cant get enough if this story won’t get tired of reading it over and over again I just hope will be able to read the next chapter SOON!!!! I can’t wait for another r month I’m going bananas (LOL) next chapter PLEASE !! ……thanks

  6. katniss says :

    Ang ganda! It was worth the wait… Now that they are finally together, si kuya ryan n lang ang obstacle (sana) :)… This is really one of the best fanfics ive ever read. Ang galing mo talaga ms cyndi. Your attention to detail and use of words leave me .. Speechless. πŸ™‚ have an amazing day!

  7. sidney says :

    Omg!!! whoa Ms. Cyndi you made me come out from my hiding hole! You are simply amazing, the lovemaking was so surreal it really made the scenes flash on my mind as I read on…the love scenes were done artfully and tastefully…hindi masagwa promise.

    Congratulations for a job well done! Thank you so much for sharing! πŸ™‚ Any thought of publishing this as a novel? This will surely be a hit. I for one will be lining at the first available bookstore. Oh and by the way, thanks too to Ms. Chuchy and Ms. Alpha Grace for their help and support to make this chapter the best. πŸ™‚ Take Care and Godspeed!

    Until the next chapter… πŸ™‚ ❀

    • Cyndi Resti says :

      Hello Sidney, readers like yourself have been encouraging me to try and publish LHT…I will certainly look at this….BUT I will have to finish the series first…and then probably change names and write all dialogues in English…before I submit to publishers. First things first, though πŸ˜€

  8. jeiah says :

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  9. Esther says :

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    Ryan’s behaviour is undestandable, lahat naman ata ng older siblings may protective streak at di mawawala yun kahit anung edad pa. Esp.pa na si Maya ang bunso nila at si Richard ay bestfriend nya. He felt that na trinaydor sya ng kaibigan. I dont understand the guy’s silent law na di dapat tinatalo ang kapatid ng kaibigan pero ganun talaga daw sa mga magkakaibgang lalaki. Addition na rin na maybe nagwoworry si Ryan given Richard’s past reputation w/ women.

    Whew, hiningal ako sa comment ko haha.

    • Cyndi Resti says :

      I am glad you like the quality of LHT. I have been a voracious reader of romance novels and I guess it shows thru my work.

      • xin22 says :

        My 1st reaction upon reading your comment..

        “nosebleed.” xD

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        Go Go Go!

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      I apologise for the delay, Chuwie966. I was also given this timeframe so last weekend was my target date for posting. However, I still do not have my final draft which I gave to one proofreader so that I don’t heavily impose on all my resources. I hope everything is well with her. I will post as soon as I can, promise. Please bear with me πŸ˜€

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        Hmmnnn, you might not feel that way towards Richard in the next chapter…my two crtical reviewers HATE Richard at the moment 😒

        BTW, did you read the prologue as well? πŸ˜„

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        Hello chuwie966

        Chapter 15 has been posted.


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