Long-held Torch – Prologue

Year 2005

The night was clear and star-spangled, perfect for star-gazing, he thought as he glanced above. To clear his head, Richard had  been solitarily walking the stretch of private beach that belonged to the Dela Rosa’s for decades.  He had just attended his bestfriend Ryan’s eldest child’s christening.  He was godfather while the object of his pensive thoughts acted as godmother.

Maya was particularly beautiful during the late morning Christening service held  in San Nicholas church. She was dressed in a lacy cream pencil-lined dress that was cut a few inches above the knee that showed off her shapely legs. She was wearing  three-inch heels in matching shade that brought her close to eye-level with him for the first time.  A pink shade lip gloss covered her full mouth while a fine dusting of powder covered  her face that could not hide the becoming blush that formed on her cheeks.

He must have been too obvious this morning when he could not take his bespectacled  chinito eyes from her  which probably earned her ire.  She probably thought  he was teasing her again judging from her mutinous expression and her tongue poking out at him.    His breathing had hitched and felt uncomfortable in his dark slacks when he saw that pink tip darting out, conjuring  up more sensual images.

He violently kicked a stone that was in his way in an attempt to blot out the memory. He felt such a fraud pretending to be an extended family member during the photo shoot that took place after the ceremony, especially when the photographer proceeded to take shots of baby Luke with each pair of godparents.  He could smell her perfume mixed with her own unique body scent  as she leaned against him carrying the baby. It took a great amount of discipline to act nonchalantly  while holding her by the waist and smiling at the camera.

Stop it,  Richard! She’s just a child!  He berated himself.  As he closed his eyes again, he saw her very feminine form and her long shapely legs,   claiming that she was anything but a child. To make matters worse, she was trying to act all growned up as well.  She even has that boy Simon following her around  like a love-sick puppy for the better part of the day.

Richard sighed as he looked at the  lights emanating from a popular beach club seen from a distance.  He has been coming to this place for almost every summer  since college days.  The warm family hospitality of the Dela Rosa’s was something that he had always been drawn to.

He was directly in front of an old abandoned Spanish villa that was erected almost two centuries ago by a Spanish don who fell in love and married a local girl.  It was an architectural masterpiece even by today’s standards with gabled walls, terracotta roof tiles and arched doorways and windows.  As a civil engineer, he can certainly appreciate the villa standing the test of time.  He had ventured a little into the footpath leading to the villa and was standing against a huge clump of  rocks and bougainvillea when he saw something splash in the water in the corner of his right eye. He slowly turned and was transfixed at the vision rising from the water.

It was as if his thoughts conjured her up from the darkness.   Like the mythical Venus, she was in her naked glory  after a swim in the sea.  Maya’s face was upturned as she flicked her long tresses to one side that had her pert breasts jiggling at the motion. Rivulets of seawater were running down her young supple body to the downy triangular tuft of hair at the apex between her long shapely thighs. Absently noting  that he could span her tiny waist with his two hands, Richard did not have the strength to tear his hungry gaze away.  He couldn’t keep the groan from escaping his lips when she bent down to provide him a tempting view of her rounded derrière  to  retrieve  her towel.

She must have heard him because Maya tensed up and held the towel protectively against her body. “Sino yan?” she asked as she nervously looked around, trying to peer through the darkness.

Silence answered her.

It took a few seconds for Richard to realise that Maya can not see him as he was wearing navy  blue polo and slacks and was hidden in the craggy shadow. He stood very still  and decided to keep his silence to avoid embarrassing her. Tonight is not the time to reprimand her of the dangers of skinny dipping alone at night.  Besides, he does not trust himself around her in his heightened state of arousal.

In the next few seconds, Maya quickly donned on a towelling robe and ran back to the direction of the Dela Rosa house.  It was only then was he able to exhale again not even realising that he had been holding his breath as well as his natural instinct to claim the female he has been wanting.


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One response to “Long-held Torch – Prologue”

  1. MsBunBun says :

    Just re-reading LHT, this is my nth times. Just love this R&M FF of yours, thank you Cyndi.

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